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Save Soledad Canyon

Our organization is dedicated to actions that protect the environment for all. Our current focus is stopping the planned gravel mine in Soledad Canyon. In 2013, our efforts include a letter writing and advocacy campaign in support of Senate Bill 771 by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. If approved, it would cancel the CEMEX mining contracts in Soledad Canyon and compensate CEMEX through the sale of surplus federal lands near Victorville.

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About the Cemex Soledad Canyon Sand and Gravel Mine

The project is a 56.1 million ton sand and gravel surface mining operation proposed by Cemex Inc. for a site in Soledad Canyon that would be located approximately a mile and a half from the City of Santa Clarita’s border.  The project would ultimately add up to 1,164 large truck trips every day to Los Angeles area freeways, and would have significant local and regional impacts on traffic, air quality and public health. READ MORE

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Please join SAFE in supporting S.771 to save Soledad Canyon! Even though the effort to stop the CEMEX gravel mine has been under way for more than a decade, the issue is not yet resolved and your help is needed now more than ever. Please let our legislators know how important this issue is to you and your community. We are asking all who support the effort to save Soledad Canyon to write a letter to legislators in favor of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s bill, S.771. (Click below for info.) And, if you’d like to receive updates from SAFE about the battle to protect Soledad Canyon, please join our mailing list!

Update: State Indicates CEMEX Mine Unnecessary

In SAFE President Andrew Fried’s latest commentary, it’s clear that state officials believe the CEMEX mine is not needed. Download a copy 
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New Document Links! Click here to see our updated S771 info page.